Tutorials Bet you were dying to get here. (Hey, we’re bears. It’s a new joke to us.)
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One day there will be tutorials here made by our humans. We have lots of video footage and photos of the stuff they do. It’s not that hard to turn on their phone’s cameras. We do it all the time. We thought we could sell the photos we took of them showering, but apparently that’s unacceptable to both our humans and Ebay. Go figure. All those files off to the right show only a bit of what they have socked away. But they never get around to making the tutorials. Instead they get distracted by something else. However, they always find time for lots of eating and sleeping. Is it any wonder why we love them? They’re so much like us it’s scary; and since we’re ghosts, scary is good. That said, there are sites out on the Internet that we really like, and until you see stuff from all of us here, you should go visit all of them over wherever they are. Isaac Newton once said, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." We should point out that doesn’t mean sitting on top of giant bears. Our humans probably think that’s the best bucket list idea ever. But they might rethink that once they realize they’re going to be dinner once the bear gets bored. But we digress. What Newton meant was that without the tutelage of the ones below, Haunted Bears would not exist. So we owe them a debt of gratitude. They will always remain one of our favorite places to go when we’re looking for something new to toss out into the graveyard or spruce up the witches shack. The buttons below take you to the places they haunt when they’re hoping to find new ways to haunt.
We’re not talking about Bigfoot or Nessie, here. They aren’t missing. They’re just hiding. We’re talking about the missing links on the Internet; and those mysteries never end well. There are places we go to find inspiration for what we do. As dead bears, we’re the idea men. We come up with fun stuff and show it to the humans. They have a whole section of their computer called Halloween Stuff. When any of us find something cool, we put it there. You should have a place like that if you want to give your haunt any kind of a theme. It helps you stay focused. It also means you won’t forget that killer idea you saw, but can’t find anymore. Mostly ours are saved images, but there are also entire videos and saved web pages that teach how to do what we want our humans to do. This brings up a point. The Internet has more dead links than we have dead neighbors… lots more. The site you bookmark today might not be there in two months when you go looking for it. If you love something, save it to a file. Everyone in this house knows how to take an Internet page and save it to a PDF file. We even use a browser that makes it super easy for us to do that. Opera is a tiny little browser that can’t compete with the big boys like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or whatever Microsoft wants to force on you when you install their software. But similar to Safari for Apple users, Opera has a simple “Save as PDF” option. For Opera, it’s a right click on the webpage, and the option appears in the drop down menu. The image to the left shows you what it looks like. Easy Peazy. That ease of use makes Opera our go to Halloween browser. Regardless of what browser you use, there is more than likely a way to save a web page to a PDF file. Learn how to do it with the browser you prefer, and you will be well served. Most of the time, the entire page is saved, comments and all. If you have a PDF editor, you can spruce them up a bit, but really, it’s not that important. Always make sure the PDF you created saved the pictures. It generally does, but every now and then it doesn’t. In that case, go in and save them and create a folder that holds both the PDF text and the saved images. If you’re using Opera to download the webpage, make sure you scroll all the way through the page. That allows Opera to capture all the pictures. If you don’t do it, you might have blank spots in your PDF. We have saved PDF files of sites that no longer exist. We have PDF tutorials with pictures that are nowhere to be found today. If you really like something, show how much you love it by burying it in the recesses of your hard drive forever.
In Search of Missing Links The truth about why you’ll never find them.
This is what the human’s computer desktop looks like. We think the use of a human skull to represent Halloween is a bit speciesist. Humans always think they’re the center of the universe. That might be true if there weren’t any bears in the universe.
Saving your favorite web pages as PDF files is easy. It means you never have to worry about seeing a 404 page not found error at your favorite sites ever again. It’s also fun to use PDF File Makers to save your favorite 404 page not found error messages as PDF files. You can see ours at http://www.hauntedbears.com/youarelost.htm