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Welcome to our Graveyard Gallery: Tombstone Annex. This is where we showcase our tombstones. If you want to find the various dead folk who live there, visit The Graveyard Gallery: Creature Central. Most haunter tombstone epitaphs fall into two basic categories. The first is tombstones with names that are puns and humorous quips. The second is where the haunters strive to be a bit more authentic. As you can tell from the photo on the left, our humans opt for the silly versions. They're not trying to convince anyone they've stumbled onto an abandoned graveyard. They want them to stop and read the tombstones and get a laugh. That's how we all haunt in this house. Bears have wicked senses of humor. If we pull it off, our tombstones look like carved granite, fieldstone, marble, brick, or even wood. Some look as if they’ve been in the yard for hundreds of years; others look as if they were placed last week. Why all the varieties instead of the more typical look with similar stones? Because we believe a haunt should be as much fun for the creator as it is for the visitor. And for bear or human, mixing it up is fun. It's why some of our tombstones light up. It's why some of them move. It's why they have things popping up from behind them and crawling out from under them. It's all about having as much fun along the way to the cemetery as the fun we have when we get there. However, there is something very, very cool about making tombstones with a similar look. It adds a certain ancient ambiance to your cemetery. Drop by the Davis Graveyard in Milwaukie, Oregon to take a look at a haunt that does that really well. Just click on their picture to the right and a link to their site will open up in a new tab. And yes, we're Oregonians. We locally source even our links to other websites. But we don't have a single artisanal tombstone to our name, so we're probably not nearly hipster enough to be Portlandians. Regardless of which approach you choose, the underlying nature of how to make tombstones is pretty much the same. Our approach is to find a willing human and ask him to make them.
A few of our tombstones The Davis Graveyard
We’re not very good at keeping this gallery tidy. Bears lack organizational skills. Usually you’ll find the newest additions tossed toward the bottom of any gallery page. If you click your mouse on a tombstone, a pop-up window will give you more information about it. We let the humans write the descriptions, because they made most of them before we even moved in. But if you think one is particularly cool, we probably made that one.
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