Inside Props You put the potions on your skin…
This page is going to be blank for awhile. It’s like a sign that tells you a new store is going into that empty block down the street. You’re hoping it will be some cute little boutique or one of a kind bistro. But it will probably wind up being a Starbucks like the one across the street. The expectations of what might be are sometimes so much better than what actually shows up. We’re bears. Keep your expectations really low and when we put something on this page, you’ll probably be thrilled. The fact is that over the years, most of what our humans created is for the outdoors because they have a cemetery. This year they’re going to begin building a witches shack. What goes inside there will show up here. But the shack is kind of down the list of things that need to get done, so there might not actually be much here for quite a while. On the plus side we have some photos from our last vacation you can look at.
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Yeah, so we’re not the best photographers. You try taking snapshots when you’re incorporeal and have no opposable thumbs. We’re also pretty sure our ectoplasm leaked into the camera. Still, we had a wonderful time. But, for the record, that’s why when we travel, we usually ask others to take the photos for us.