Welcome to HauntedBears.com
Thanks for dropping by to visit the home of the Haunted Bears. We’re two dead bears that hang out with two living humans who think Halloween is fun. We're not professional haunters. Neither are the humans. We’re just ghosts and they’re just insane. None of us even qualify as haunters in some folk's estimation. For some out there a haunt has to be a walk through. We have more of a walk by. You also won't find blood splattered all over the stuff we put out. The only zombie we have is a teddy bear, and the only guts you'll find are the innards of a Jack-o-lantern with a knife in his head. You might call us Haunter Lite; all the fun of Halloween with none of the gore. We just think it's fun to make tombstones and have talking skeletons sitting on our porch when kids come to visit Halloween night. Our haunt is a mix of some things that might scare you tossed in with a whole bunch of stuff to make you laugh. Tombstones have epitaphs that are jokes. Skeletons sit around watching you as much as you watch them. Our witches are terribly incompetent, but also harmless. There’s no real effort being made by us to traumatize kids so badly that their therapy bills will have parents boycotting the place. It’s all just for fun. Like everything else we do, this website is also just for fun. That means from time to time, when we don't think it's fun, we might step away for a bit. We'll still be around to answer questions via email. At least one of us will haunt Facebook to make sure we're up to date. And we look at comments on YouTube when they tell us to. As long as it remains fun, we'll be here. If there ever comes a day when it's not… well, you know how easy it is for ghosts to disappear. But these are our haunted hallways and our creepy cemetery out front, so we expect to be living here for quite a while; even if we are dead. We hope you enjoy your stay.
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