If there is anyone who is the soul and heart of Halloween in our house, it would be Eric. He is the one who is constantly planning new projects and retooling old ones. He was the first person in the house to decorate for Halloween. Eric with his arm in the mouth of a fake shark He didn't meet Derrick, who is nearly his equal, until a few years after the mayhem had begun. But when the two got together, things began to snowball.

When Derrick moved in, the two fed off each other's love for the holiday and Derrick encouraged Eric to broaden his scope. That's when Eric became pretty much a pain in the butt for anyone hoping to have an organized house.

Eric's a pretty good artist. He did our portraits here on the site, and he does most of the detail work on all the mausoleums and tombstones. But when it comes to organizational skills, he sucks.

Once he began collecting stuff to make other stuff, Paul and Derrick pretty much kissed a tidy house goodbye. The carport is filled with pallets and old fencing material that will one day be a witch's shack. It's the same with the back yard near the garage. He watches Craig's list for free paint, wood, or anything that he can use to cobble together a new prop.

He's dragged Derrick into it, but most likely so he can blame him when Paul asks why we need 40 feet of free flexible drainage pipe. (Eric and Derrick bought their first fogger last year at an after Halloween sale. That's like picking out a china set for haunters.)

The shed in the back yard that was supposed to be a wood working shop one day, is now a storage area for the mausoleums and tombstones. It's where the cauldron creep winters. There is a mountain of Styrofoam from Murphy's, a local furniture store, crammed into the garage. There are boxes and totes filled with pumpkins, skeletons, and all manner of Halloween decorations. He has a bolt of jute netting. If you don't know what it is, then you need to up your Halloween game. We have no idea how he gets around between all that stuff, and we're incorporeal.

Downstairs in the hobby room, Derrick's sewing station has to be periodically cleared of Halloween clutter. The number of projects Eric has stacked up on Derrick's soldering table is growing with each shipment from online retailers. Being bears, we understand having a cave full of stuff that doesn't make sense to anyone else. Eric is lucky though. He has sympathetic ghosts and kind-hearted mates who roll their eyes and just let him be him. In any other world, with any other humans, he would probably be in a straight-jacket bouncing off the walls. Which would probably suit him just fine. He'd be tickled that he had such a cool costume for Halloween.

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