Contact Us Communing With the Spirits
There are a number of ways you can get in touch with us. From our perspective a séance with lots of cookies and pie might work. It really all depends on how close you are to where we live. We’re not going cross country for cookies and pie. Well, maybe a really good blackberry pie, but we’re talking butter crust, buckets of blackberries, and vanilla ice cream; at least two scoops. Our humans try to be more flexible. Here’s the best ways to contact them if you don’t have cookies or pie:
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EMAIL: It’s old school we know, but so is the one who looks at the email. At least he’s not asking you to fax him something. Your chances of getting in touch with any of us is greater if you use the one thing he looks at every day. If you’re hoping for a quick response, email is your best option. You can contact Eric at if you want to ask him about the creation of props or general stuff. Derrick is available at if you want to chat about the electronics they use. Or, you can write to us at if you want to stare at your empty inbox for days.
FACEBOOK: Eric sort of hates Facebook, so he has us watch it. Don’t expect us to be all that faithful though. We have priorities and Facebook comes way down the line after napping, eating, sleeping, snacking, snoozing, chowing down, dozing, and a couple of things bears don’t talk to humans about because you make jokes about what we do in the woods. You can message us if you like, and we will get back to you. But our response time is affected by both the lack of opposable thumbs for typing, and a general indifference to anything we can’t eat.
YOUTUBE: We actually don’t have any videos at YouTube. When they finally show up at the site, someone will watch to make sure comments and questions are acknowledged. We’re not sure who that will be yet. We’ve filed an appeal because we think Derrick cheated when he got the longest straw. So far, he doesn’t seem to have anything to do with managing the family correspondence, and we don’t think that’s fair. He laughs because he thinks it’s funny. He might think differently when, for some odd reason, the heater in his bedroom keeps turning off at night.
PINTEREST: No; just no. Don’t even think about it. It’s all we can do to get our humans to make properly sized pictures for posting there. Even we had to Google if messaging on Pinterest was a thing. Our humans are even less inclined to want to go looking everyday to see if there are messages posted there. So, as far as we’re concerned Google is wrong. Messaging on Pinterest isn’t a thing. Just look at the pretty pictures and then email our humans if you have questions.